Why Does My Car Feel Like It's Lost Power?

What to do about your car losing power

One of the common problems you could notice in a car is the car losing power, especially when you accelerate. When this happens, it could be a sign of a more serious problem, or you might just not have sufficient petrol. If it is fuel, that’s a simple problem, but if it is a sign of another problem, then it might be necessary to take your car to the mechanic. Here are some of the problems that could lead to your car losing power.

This affects both diesel and petrol engines. A good cylinder compression is necessary for your car to function efficiently as a low compression means the engine power would also be low, and it cannot be sufficient for the vehicle.

This affects both petrol and diesel engines. The fuel filter is right between the fuel pump and injectors, and it is what filters the fuel of impurities before supplying the engine. Due to its function, it could get dirty and clogged, which means it won’t be able to function effectively. Once that happens, it could affect the engine if impurities get to it and could result in serious damage that could make it lose power.

The air that goes to the internal combustion chamber goes through a filter to ensure it is free of impurities. But the challenge is that this filter gets clogged after long term use, and this reduces the amount of air that gets into the engine. This invariably affects the engine as it will not be able to generate enough power.  The solution is to replace your air filter or clean it.

The two filters in the exhaust pipe serve different purposes, but either of them is important to the engine functioning as it should do. The catalytic converter reduces pollution from exhaust gasses while the muffler reduces the noise. If any of these filters or the exhaust pipe itself gets clogged, the functionality will be greatly reduced and you may experience your vehicle slow down.

This sensor collects information about the camshaft speed, which is sent to the ECM (electronic control module). It is this information that the ECM uses to manage ignition and fuel injection. A malfunction means incorrect or no information, which will affect how the engine functions.

This is what sprays fuel into the engine, and it is usually controlled through an automated process. If the injectors should have problems, the engine will not have enough fuel or too much, and this will affect performance.

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