Roadworthy Certificate

Certify your car as roadworthy

If you are planning to sell your car, one of the things you will need to do is to get a roadworthy certificate. It is compulsory whenever you are transferring the ownership and registration of a vehicle by any means. At Barry Road Motors, we are licensed to test, inspect, and certify a car to be roadworthy. We are licensed testers and perform the roadworthiness test according to the VicRoads standards. Any certificate you get from us is valid anywhere, and we can make sure you get it within the shortest possible time. Nothing like the sale or transfer of your car being delayed because you could not get the certificate on time. We finalise the certificate as soon as possible.

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When Do You Need a Roadworthy Certificate?

A roadworthy certificate is generally needed in four cases. They are;

  • During the sale of a registered vehicle
  • During the transfer of vehicle registration to another person
  • During the transfer of a vehicle registered in a different state to Victoria registration
  • When establishing rego on an unregistered vehicle.

The VicRoads website provides all the basic information about the purpose of the Roadworthy certificate, requirements, and processes for it.

When you need a roadworthy certificate, you can trust in our technical capacity to conduct a thorough and detailed inspection in which we ensure that the cars are safe to drive.  We are able to conduct roadworthiness tests for all makes and models of vehicles that you may bring to us.

Why Use Our Roadworthiness Services?


Integrity, Trust, and Honesty

These are the three words that represent our ideals. In every service we offer to you, we make sure that we are open and perform our work with honesty. With us, full disclosure is the norm, not the exception. In testing your car to make sure it meets the VicRoads standard, we never compromise and make sure we are very thorough so we can identify any issue with the vehicle. Our clients trust us because they know that we won’t let them down when it comes to quality.


Experienced Testers

We are not new to performing roadworthiness for cars. With more than a decade of experience, testing your car is not a challenge for us. Our technicians and mechanics have combined decades of experience, and they have access to the best equipment. Everything from the diagnostics to the servicing is monitored through a computerised system.



Get a roadworthy certificate for your car at an affordable cost when you do it with us. We help you determine the roadworthiness of your cars at a very affordable price and let you know all the things that need to be fixed in the car before you sell or transfer it.

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