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We service Mercedes Benz cars

Mercedes Benz is a fantastic brand when it comes to cars. This is a brand known for its luxury and sleekness, which is why several people love to drive it. Mercedes Cars represents the finest of German engineering and design; it is why many people would love to own cars by this brand and you own one, it is essential to service it properly, and we can help you do that. We have all the equipment and expertise to service and repair your car.

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Why Use Our Mercedes Services?


Integrity, Trust, and Honesty

These are the three words that represent our ideals. In every service we offer to you, we make sure that we are open and perform our work with honesty. With us, full disclosure is the norm, not the exception. Once you drive your car into our workshop, we fully examine it and let you know what is wrong and the necessary things to fix it. We don’t compromise on the processes or replacement parts. Our clients trust us because they know that we won’t let them down when it comes to quality.


Experienced Mechanics using High-Quality Equipment

We are not new to servicing cars. With more than a decade of experience, putting your car in good working order is never a challenge to us. Our technicians and mechanics have combined decades of experience, and they have access to the best equipment to service and repair your car. Everything from the diagnostics to the servicing is monitored through a computerised system, and we make sure that we evaluate when the job is completed to make sure your car is in good working order. Our mechanics continue to receive training to make sure that their techniques remain cutting edge, and they don’t use outdated methods to fix your cars or get confused by the latest technology.



Servicing your car just goes cheaper when you do it with us. We help you service your cars at a very affordable price, and even if there is a need to repair or replace a part, we make sure we do it at the cheapest cost available. We are able to do this because we source parts directly from the manufacturers in most cases. The competitive rates at which we service do not affect the quality of what we offer.


Safe and Reliable

When you get your car serviced, you should have the confidence that it is not going to develop another fault any time soon. At Barry Road Motors, you can have this confidence when we fix your car for you. We also have a 50-point safety check in place that we can conduct to make sure your car is safe to drive at all times.

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